We Began as Part of the Body

‘We began as part of the body…’ is an AR artwork by Beverley Hood, published with ASCUS Art & Science. Inspired by the eczema genetic research laboratory of Professor Sara Brown, it combines microscopy, digital LIDAR and electromagnetic scanning to create an augmented reality experience of the digitally captured lab. Narrated by a speech synthesis voice-over, the App tells the story of the organotypic, artificial skin cells, during their short, precious, three weeks long, ‘in-vitro’ life
Use the app to scan your floor, then place the AR artwork on the ground. Move around to explore the digital lab. Best experienced using headphones.
Written and Directed – Beverley Hood
AR App Development – Liminal Studios
Sound Design – Zoë Irving
Lidar Scans – Asad Khan
Heather Voice – CereProc

Paul Appleton, Hemal Bodasing, Mike Boyd, Professor Sara Brown, Centre for Biomedicine, Self & Society, Martina Elias, James Howie, Tayside tissue bank, Tissue imaging facility (University of Dundee), Ucreate Lab, Miriam Walsh, Sheila Wright.

The artwork was funded by the Arts & Ethics Research Group, Wellcome Trust, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh.