The heArt of Climbing Pop Up with Eden Rock

In June, we climbed, drew to the beat of our hearts, viewed its electricity and much more with thirteen incredible young climbers at ASCUS’s first climbing pop-up workshop held at Eden Rock‘s community climbing arena.

In partnership with Eden Rock and funded by the British Heart Foundation Scotland’s Centre for Research Excellence, we had lots of fun sharing our art-science approach to the heart. In hour-long workshops for 10- 13-year-olds and 14 to 17-year-olds, we focused on how the heart experiences climbing in sensory activities involving movement, mark-making/drawing, measuring and listening to the heartbeat and viewing its structures and electricity.

Part of our public engagement training programme with BHF Scotland, the workshop was led by expert heart researchers, Finn Brunton, Tanguy Blehaut and environmental artist Becky Sutton. The children, part of Eden Rock’s youth team experienced a multidimensional approach to their own hearts, and explored, stress, the nervous system, breathing and mind control and the link between brain, body, fine motor skills and accuracy.

Guided by visual artist, Becky Sutton who has been inspired by her own heart in her artwork, the climbers spent time listening to the sound of their own heartbeats, before and after climbing and created large scale sound drawings tuned to their own internal rhythm using stethoscopes.

The groups also viewed heart sections down the microscope, explored its electricity with electrocardiogram and had a look at their own hearts using ultrasound. It was a fantastic learning experience, taking their passion for climbing, a creative and sensory approach and conversations with expert scientists to gain a deep hands-on understanding of how their hearts work for them.

Here’s what they thought:

“It was a lot of fun”

“I liked seeing the heartbeat”

“Really interesting to see the science background of breathing”

We hope to do it all again soon.

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