I felt listened to and valued as an artist by ASCUS

“As a early career artist, ASCUS mentored me through many of my ‘firsts’. The first time working on a year long project, first time preparing for a solo public exhibition, first time using fabricators. Without them my work would not have made the progression that it has – they pushed me and supported me to produce the best work that I could deliver.”
Josie Vallely | Independent Artist

Without ASCUS our call would have never reached the right people

“Their expertise helped us plan and put together the fine details of the programme and avoid a lot of potential obstacles. One of the biggest advantages of teaming up with ASCUS was their ability to commit all their resources to the project, think on their feet and react to how the project was developing in order to get the most out of it. ”
Kasia Kokowska | CIIE Manager

ASCUS were extremely supportive to us as artists

“The support ASCUS provided was very important in ensuring a coherent approach, good communications and providing a wider context for both the residency and the ensuing work. Their expertise enabled the programme to be successfully implemented and they provided the context for engaging a wider audience with the work. ”
Jo Hodges | Independent Artist

ASCUS were welcoming and generous with their time

“ASCUS was informal yet well organised, with a level headed collaborative approach that appreciated the impact art can have. It was a joy to have my opinion respected and the freedom to explore the project’s themes at my own pace and in my own style.”
Trevor Gordon | Independent Artist


 Mark Blaxter
Artists were inquisitive, challenging & enigmatic in equal measure

“I love interacting with artists, and have enjoyed every minute of all the collaborations I have been involved in. They were each direct and responsive. I wish I had more time to work with them, making science as they made art.”
Prof Mark Blaxter | CIIE Scientist

This gave me invaluable insight into scientific working methods

“Working creatively within a scientific context has made me more aware of both the similarities and differences between working methods in the arts and sciences. It has made me more rigorous when approaching projects and has made me realise that artwork can appeal to a wide variety of audiences regardless of their backgrounds.”
Mark Doyle | Independent Artist

Working with the artists has been very dynamic

“Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman in particular highlighted that what they do is not just create representations of things, but look for ideas, and then try and communicate those ideas in new ways. I’ve found looking at our own work and the questions we ask in new ways to be exciting – and in some ways, has allowed us to rediscover the adventure and curiosity in what drew us to our own research questions in the first place.”
Liam Brierley | CIIE Scientist

This process has led me to see the value in collaboration

“Bringing a range of expertise to the table has been a fantastic learning curve for me. In terms of audience engagement, ASCUS have encouraged me to work hard to combine concept with accessibility. ”
Josie Vallely | Independent Artist

Working with artists made the scientists take a step back

“The scientists involved in the project all agree unanimously that working with artists made them look at their research from the perspective of an artist, to look for reasons and motivations behind their scientific interests. That’s been crucial in re-thinking our long-term science communication and public engagement strategy. It allowed scientists to discover similarities between the artistic practice and their own day-to-day work and sparked a new wave of interest in science communication and sci-art collaborations in particular.”
Kasia Kokowska | CIIE Manager

Scientists were extremely generous with their time

“The opportunity to work with scientists enabled us to have exciting conversations, make new creative connections and develop personal relationships with labs that could develop into other work in the future. This experience generated a huge amount of new ideas leading and creative thinking and new possibilities for us as artists. ”
Jo Hodges | Independent Artist