Talking Heads: 2015 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

As part of the 2015 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire at Summerhall ASCUS and the Edinburgh International Science Festival presents Talking Heads, a programme of maker talks. Get inside the mind of the maker and discover what ignites their imaginations and fuels their ideas by joining us for a day of inspiring presentations!

The 2015 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire as part of the 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival attracts over 2,000 visitors to Summerhall and brings together over 50 makers to showcase and celebrate all forms of making. The Mini Makers Fair is a celebration of all things creative and innovative. From talking about what they do to sharing what they are learning as a maker the day is an exciting and vibrant end to The 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival.


10:30 Daniel Connell – Open Source Low Tech
11:30 Kate Stone – Novalia
12:30 Lou Davis & Jean Carletta – Heat Hack
14:00 Dr. Patrick Colin Hickey – NIPHT Limited
15:30 Tim Vincent-Smith – Harmonograph
16:00 Dave Young – Local Host

Sunday 19th April
Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall
Entry £5

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Daniel Connell
Open Source Low Tech

An introduction to some of the open source low tech projects happening around the world. Daniel Connell’s own work focuses on alternative infrastructure, mostly in areas of renewable energy, water and health, and communnications, developing ultra-low resource and low footprint design which is as accessible and can be replicated locally as easily as possible. Daniel will be presenting some of the things I’ve been working on to this point, and time permitting a brief roundup of open source lowtech projects happening around the world.

Kate Stone

Discover Novalia’s conductive ink technology that can create a touch sensitive, interactive world that is both high tech and familiar, looking and feeling like the things we love. Kate Stone founded Novalia to explore the space where traditional print and conventional electronics converge and is passionate about print and adding interactive elements to everyday things.

Lou Davis & Jean Carletta

HeatHack is an Edinburgh-based community group that unites all kinds of makers with fascinating skills with the goal of making community spaces comfortable and energy efficient. Jean will discuss how the group work together to upgrade buildings and make them easier to manage, drawing on technology, the maker movement and learning from one another.

Dr. Patrick Colin Hickey
NIPHT Limited

Patrick Hickey runs “NIPHT Limited” Limited, a company which specialises in a wide range of technologies including consultancy in cell biology, film and television, bioluminescence, optoelectronics, LED lighting / displays and electronics kits for the open source community. In this talk he will explore the history of LED indicators and displays, describe some of the main pioneer companies involved and show examples of vintage LEDs and displays. He will also explain how to make your own LEDs from mineral crystals, and some of the practical aspects of using LEDs in projects.

Tim Vincent-Smith

Tim Vincent-Smith is an Edinburgh based maker of music, kinetic sculpture and freegan furniture. Improvising across various media, he pursues ideas that fall between defined areas of activity. His harmonographic work balances musical, sculptural and graphic preoccupations and has lead him in recent months to Dundee to collaborate with coder Albert Elwin in programming audible three dimensional Lissajous figures and to Lismore island where he has gleaned hazel laths, heavy stones and sheep bones for a pendular drawing machine commissioned by sound keeper Mairi Campbel. Both projects in progress will be exhibited for the first time at this maker faire.

Dave Young
Local Host

Dave Young is an artist and researcher based in Edinburgh. His practice follows critical research into digital culture, manifested through workshops, website development and talks such as this one. He will introduce his work and Localhost, a hackspace and event series that aims to stimulate critical, reflective discussions about digital art and culture.

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