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Beverley Hood

We Began as Part of the Body: War Memorial Gallery

Image courtesy of Beverley Hood

Immerse yourself in a series of artworks that reflect complex human and ethical questions about our relationship between the body, science, and technology. Inspired by the eczema genetic research laboratory of Prof Sara Brown, artist Beverley Hood’s experimental exhibition tells a story as seen from the point of view of the artificial skin cells, leading you through the cells journey, during their short, precious, three-week-long ‘in-vitro’ life from operating theatre to lab, and finally to disposal. These works are presented as a sound piece, 3D prints, scientific illustrations and models, and an immersive mixed reality experience set within the installation. Note: the mixed reality immersive experience will be available as a bookable event at set periods during the exhibition.

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Victoria Evans

Oscillations: Corner Gallery

Image courtesy of Victoria Evans

Inspired by science and the interrelatedness of the physical world, this immersive installation reflects Victoria Evans’ interest in the way distant or invisible phenomena can have a tangible effect on our day-to-day lives. Using a process of data sonification as a starting point, Evans makes audible the rhythmic, cyclical patterns of the tides and their interplay with lunar and solar orbits throughout the course of a year. This iteration of the work has been created especially for the exhibition and incorporates the sound of Edinburgh’s coastline.

Produced by Javier Aregger

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Sneha Solanki

E-Numbers V2.0: Meadows Gallery

Image courtesy of Sneha Solanki

Probing the habitats of the ‘un-natural‘, Sneha Solanki presents a new and expanding rendition of the ‘E-Number’ food additive system. Focusing on the emerging changes taking shape in our food landscape, this ‘version 2.0’ includes only micro-organisms that have been intentionally and genetically altered, created or re-programmed to produce flavours, aromas, colours, preservatives and nutrition as food additives.

Consisting of bacteria, fungi (yeasts & molds), algae and viruses, the project collates references, micro-organisms and the results of their activity as additives, explored in the exhibition as a ‘Micro Food Library’.

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