Syncrasy | Exhibition

Syncrasy is a contemporary art exhibition co-curated by Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science. Experience the work of visual artists Beverley HoodVictoria Evans and Sneha Solanki, working across the fields of art, science and technology.

This series of exhibitions examines the known characteristics of life within our physical world; playing with scale to capture the fleeting lifespan of living cells, the unacknowledged microbes within the food system and the infinite forces of our environment. Interact with physical matter, aethereal spaces and explore for yourself the limits of human perception and beyond.

Presented by Summerhall and ASCUS Art and Science

Image courtesy of Beverley Hood

ASCUS Art & Science Managing Director Miriam Walsh says:

With all the changes that have happened as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s exhibition feels even more relevant to the ways complex scientific language and processes have permeated our day to day lives. With works that capture genetically modified organisms and cutting edge image scanning technology, grown and captured right here in our very own ASCUS Lab, to Edinburgh’s coastline in the form of data being brought into the gallery space, we are excited to invite audiences to Summerhall for a series of exhibitions that promise to successfully blur the lines between art and science in novel ways.

Summerhall Exhibitions Manager Kasia Jackowska says:

As a former Veterinary College cum arts venue, we at Summerhall are especially aware of the extraordinary things that can happen when art and science combine. We’re always thrilled to take part in the Edinburgh Science Festival, and Syncrasy will give festival-goers a unique opportunity to look at the scientific nitty-gritty from a whole new perspective.


Exhibition Launch:
Saturday 26th June, 2021
Opening dates & times:
Thurs – Sun, until 5th Aug (12:00 – 5:30pm)
Tues – Sun, 6th – 29th Aug (12:00 – 5:30pm)
Summerhall, 1 Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh

Syncrasy Exhibiting Artists

Beverley Hood

We began as part of the body

Through this series of immersive artworks, inspired by the eczema genetic research laboratory of Prof Sara Brown, Beverley Hood reflects complex human and ethical questions about our relationship between the body, science and technology.

Victoria Evans


Inspired by science and the complex inter-relatedness of the physical world, this exhibition reflects Victoria Evans’ interest in the way distant or invisible phenomena, such as the forces of gravity, can have a tangible effect on our day-to-day lives.

Sneha Solanki

E Numbers V2.0

Probing the habitats of the ‘un-natural‘, Sneha Solanki presents a new and expanding rendition of the ‘E-Number’ food additive system, focusing on the micro-organisms that have been intentionally and genetically altered, created or re-programmed as part of our food landscape.


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