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Welcome back to ASCUS!

We want to take a moment to share our COVID journey with you as we move into a new phase of development for ASCUS. Since the 18th of March 2020, our small team has been hit hard by COVID and the associated restrictions on our work. Over successive lockdowns, we have remained responsive and open where possible, while keeping the safety of our staff and members our top priority. Despite considerable financial strain, we are determined to continue to bring art and science together in new and exciting ways and in May 2021, we were finally able to re-open our doors to existing members.

We ran our first digital workshop across the UK, Art and Science on a Postcard, and were finally able to launch an ambitious hybrid programme of online and in-person exhibitions in 2021 for the postponed Edinburgh Science Festival: Syncrasy, Entanglements of Time and Tide and Catalysing Creativity. We are also excited to welcome new projects to our lab with artist Sonia Mehra Chawla’s The Rooted Sea, researcher Gerard Piper’s Workshop Fertility Research: Behind the Scenes and our new exploratory youth programme, Unearthing Micro Life.

2020 and 2021 have continued to present challenges and through all this we would like to thank you, our community, for continuing to check-in with us and for sharing how crossover working across art and science brings you much needed inspiration during what have been trying times. We would like to thank our lab members for sticking with us through the ups and downs of each lockdown, our broad community of artists and scientists who have joined us on our journey as we test out new digital programmes and workshops and our broader audiences who attended our very first hybrid programme for the 2021 Edinburgh Science Festival. Your ongoing support as we continue to envision new ways of working with and supporting interdisciplinary communities and ideas is vital. We would not still be here without it.

The Future

As we look to the future, we want to share with you a new approach to funding ASCUS. Despite our best efforts to maintain ASCUS as the thriving hub of art and science hybrid research in the UK that we want it to be, our core business has been fundamentally destabilised by COVID and we need your help to continue to support the work that we do on a day-to-day basis.

By becoming a supporting member of ASCUS you can help to ensure that we can continue to do what we do best – bringing art and science together and sharing it with the wider public.

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Other ways you can support us are by using the lab, in-person and online! ASCUS Lab is now OPEN for new projects and members on a part-time basis, therefore if you have a project or an idea or simply want to do some creative/scientific exploration for yourself using our equipment then please get in touch! We can also offer remote one-to-one sessions with our lab technician, Keira for your home DIY lab projects.

The different ways you can access the lab are via our membership programme or through booking a one-off lab session. Whilst we are not fully back to pre-pandemic operations, we hope to be able to launch our Open Sessions and broader training programmes soon. All information about these different options for you to be able to access our community lab space and facility, no matter what your background, are available to view here on our website.

Meet the hardworking staff helping to run our art/science programming!


Miriam Walsh, Managing Director 
Miriam joined the ASCUS Art & Science team in September 2014 and has been leading ASCUS in the role of Managing Director since January 2019.

She has a background in creative facilitation and production with a special interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and creative learning programme development and practices, including a multitude of art-science crossover projects within her role at ASCUS Art & Science. Collaboration is central to her methodologies and practice, and she is passionate about encouraging and supporting inclusive out of the box thinking and discourse.
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Keira Tucker, Lab Technician & Learning Coordinator Keira realised the limitations of scientific research in creating solutions during her PhD in microbiology and strongly believes in a holistic, interdisciplinary approach in solving problems. Her creative nature, passion for imparting an interest in science through establishing more exciting ways of communicating scientific principles and discoveries to the general public led her to join ASCUS in 2021. With a background in antimicrobial resistance research, both in a medical and environmental setting, her areas of expertise include antimicrobial susceptibility testing, culturing, molecular techniques, wastewater and freshwater monitoring and biofilm cultivation.
Contact Keira at:


Siena DeBartolo, Marketing, Communications and Content Coordinator
Siena comes from a creative background with a Master’s in Design Innovation, and has an interest in using art and design as a tool to explore complex topics. She has developed a keen interest in science and art collaboration after helping to establish the Trig Point Collective in Glasgow this year, and believes that cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange/creation will be central to creating a more resilient world.
Contact Siena at:

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