Strathclyde Micro-Residency


The Chamberlain group micro-residency gave ten artists access to research labs at the University of Strathclyde in February and March 2014. The artists selected spent four days working closely with research scientists and learning about their work on Huntington’s Disease by observing and recreating experiments in the lab. The art work created as part of the residency culminating in a programme of exhibitions taking place at the Hamnett Wing, University of Strathclyde in April 2014, during Engage Week and the Glasgow Science Festival, in June 2014.


Aaron Jeffrey

Aaron Jeffrey is an artist and dancer actively working in cross collaborative approaches to fuse different art forms in order to create new work.


Amy Pickles

Amy Pickles is an artist focused on the physical language of performance, investigating social roles we assume and the gestural codes through which we attempt to express ourselves.


Charlie Knox

Charlie Knox is a sonic artist working on the fringes of house, techno and more abstract styles whose work explores the transformation of data into sound.


Cheryl Field

Cheryl Field is an object maker preoccupied with investigating the role that popular science plays in creating a secular mythology in contemporary culture.


Dave House

Dave House is a sonic artist and digital composer, inspired by natural and man-made systems, driven to explore pattern, texture and decay.


David Lemm

David Lemm is an artist interested in exploring diagrammatic aesthetics and building relationships between ambiguous graphic elements, to create rhetorical works which suggest potential narrative and meaning.


Fraser Ross

Fraser Ross is a designer interested in human interactions and sustainable materials, inspired by botanical research and our natural surroundings.


Jane McKie

Jane McKie is a writer motivated by collaboration across disciplines who teaches poetry at the University of Edinburgh.


Lynne McBride

Lynne McBride is a performance and digital artist interested in utilising the human body to create contemporary portraits.


Roos Dijkhuizen

Roos Dijkhuizen is a fine artist uses printmaking combined with sculpture to create works based on our notions of natures’ activities, and the forms we use to rationalise them.

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