Staining the Brain

Are you a researcher interested in sharing your research with non-scientists? Are you a PhD, post-doc or PI that’s never done public engagement before or are you wanting to get more experience sharing and reframing your research to new and different audiences?

At ASCUS we have 10 years of experience working with artists and scientists at different stages of their career, exploring the space between disciplines with the aim of opening up new ways of looking at, talking about and seeing the world around us. Through the lab we want to celebrate and highlight the creative approaches that are essential for the progression of both fields and working with you, the researchers doing the research, is key to doing this in a ‘real’ and meaningful way! 

The brain is the coordinating centre of our mental processes and physical actions. Have you ever seen the highly specialised cells that make it up? For this workshop we invite you to come and join us, on the 1st of September, in the ASCUS Lab, to explore brain sections under the microscope together with the neuroscientists Dr Idoia Quintana and Kai Boon Tan. You will learn about their research and how the different parts of the brain communicate through hands on microscopy. This will be followed by an image making activity based around the vital process of staining the brain, exploring different techniques to mirror how these stains might move through the brain and what they represent in terms of brain function and connectivity. 

Why do audiences attend art-science events and workshops, what do they experience and how does this support new ways to build understanding of and appreciation for both disciplines? On the day you will find out how to collaborate with the ASCUS lab to engage the public with your research through innovative and creative workshops! So come see for yourself what this unique facility has to has to offer and experience the brain like never before!

Limited spaces available, please register here: Click and Register

Event co-organised by Roser Bastida, ASCUS Lab and SRUK.

What we will do and create on the day…

Explore Microscopy samples from current research
Communicate and share samples through drawing
Make creative postcards in response to the science of the brain

More about ASCUS Lab

ASCUS Lab is a trans-disciplinary space to produce, debate, create and carry out lab based experimentation and research and explore its role in the arts, sciences and in society in general. The space aims to interrogate the way science and art are produced, how the public is engaged and the role of both in making these disciplines more accessible to public audiences.

The Lab creates a shared physical space for scientists, artists and the public to interact directly with the tools and ideas of art and science through doing, making and experimenting. The lab provides a supported environment for public engagement training towards the development of independent workshops with space and access to scientific equipment.

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