Snow Science – Artist/Arts Educator Open Call

At ASCUS Art & Science we are delighted to announce that we are currently seeking an artist, arts educator, and/or creative workshop facilitator to collaborate with us and snow science researchers from the University of Edinburgh. This is an exciting opportunity to join the delivery team and to co-develop and to co-deliver a day-long workshop designed to explore and to re-imagine current snow science research. This opportunity is open to creative practicioners working in any medium or discipline.

Freelance artist, arts educator, workshop facilitator

We are a non-profit organisation with over 10 years of experience bridging the gap between the arts and sciences and we are dedicated to building a community of artists, scientists, and other individuals interested in how art and science can engage new and wider audiences for both fields.

Are you interested in exploring science from a creative perspective? Are you excited to share creative approaches with scientists and other creative practitioners. Do you have the skills to support and encourage curiosity in others for interdisciplinary working?

This summer (date of delivery to be confirmed), we will be collaborating with Prof. Richard Essery and Dr. Cecile Menard from the University of Edinburgh for a day of art-science activities in ASCUS Lab, Scotland’s first publicly accessible art-science laboratory. Richard and Cecile are part of an international team whose aim is to improve our understanding on the role of snow in climate warming. The workshop will be based on the data used to drive and to evaluate snow models and on model results provided by international snow research teams.

The day will include demonstrations and hands-on experiments to facilitate discussion around current understanding of snow science, between artists and researchers exploring work in this field of land surface science.

This is a rare opportunity to support imaginative thinking and creative approaches to working with scientific data, through sharing and to encouraging artistic and cultural perceptions of snow.

How to apply:

To apply please send your CV and Cover Letter to, outlining your interest in this opportunity and how it relates to your current practice.

Positions available:
Contract period:
3 days
12pm Friday 22nd March 2019
Interviews will be held on Friday the 5th of April
Freelance fee will be based on the Scottish Artists Union rates of pay and years of experience.

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