Siccar Point

Following the Footsteps of Hutton

Siccar Point is famous in the history of geology for Hutton’s Unconformity found in 1788, which James Hutton regarded as conclusive proof of his uniformitarian theory of geological development.

The point is located about an hour east of Edinburgh in Berwickshire. The plan is to spend an afternoon at the site in on the 23rd May and a follow up visit in mid – June to produce Hutton inspired art which could then form part of a roving exhibition. Artists/and non-artists of all levels of expertise welcome – you don’t need to the sign the work!

A geologist from the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoScience will give an introductory talk and will be available throughout the day to answer questions.

We recommend that you wear sturdy footwear as there will be a 20 mintue walk to the site including a short steep section. Appropriate outdoor clothing, including waterproofs, are also recommended. Some refreshments will be provided but please bring provisions if you think you will need them as we will be ‘in the field’ for up to 4 hours.

If you have a car and are able to drive for the trip then please let me know. Free transport can be arranged but only for those who RSVP ( If you are taking your own car but are unable to stay for the whole visit, and are therefore unable to offer a lift, please meet us at the Siccar Point car park at 12 (see map below for details) and RSVP for my mobile number.  We are planning to meet at Meadow Place (between the Meadows and Marchemont road – see one of the maps below for details) at 11am on Saturday. If you RSVP you will be sent an email on Friday evening to confirm this. We are planning to return to Edinburgh at around 5pm.