Science Challenge – Can you solve it?

Science Challenge – Can you solve it?
16:00-19:00, Saturday 14th July 2018

Come and join us in the ASCUS Lab for Science Challenge – Can you solve it?, a hands-on workshop developed by Mareike Wallrabe, a German chemistry student and ASCUS Lab intern.

How do you balance a bunch of screws on the head of another screw? Can you extinguish tea lights without blowing them out? How do you remove a cork from the inside of a wine bottle and can you burn your money without destroying it (maybe you should start trying it with normal paper…)? These and other challenges are all part of the upcoming workshop using everyday science phenomena hidden in your daily life.

During this workshop you will get an introduction to some of the common science principles behind why there should be water on a slide in a pool, why you can’t drink with a 5 metre long straw and what’s important if you want to build paper airplanes that don’t crash after 2 metres.

Come along, join this workshop, defeat the challenges and become the master of table tricks! Or at least you understand what to do and impress your friends afterwards…

What will be covered:

Centre of gravity
Air pressure

Workshop Details

16:00 – 19:00, Saturday 14th July 2018
(Please arrive 10/15mins before the start time as we will begin promptly at the advertised time)
ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
16+ (all under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult also participating)
Workshop Level:
Beginners (no previous experience in art or science required)
Physical Chemistry: The Interplay of Light and Energy


*Concessions are for: full time students; unemployed persons, senior citizens, residents of Summerhall, and disabled persons. If you have booked as a concession you must provide proof of status on arrival.

If for reasons outside your control you have registered and are no longer able to make it then please make sure to cancel your registration so that someone else can take your space.

About Mareike and her research

Mareike Wallrabe studies at Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany and finished her Bachelor degree in 2016. She will start her master’s thesis in September this year, studying state-to-state molecular beam surface-scattering. Mareike is excited to have a chat about the general concepts of science like friction, the centre of gravity or air pressure and where they find application in daily life.

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