Molecular Architectures: towards cross-discipliary design in Chemistry

What does design mean in the context of Chemistry?

How does creativity connect Design and Science?

What are the similarities between science and design language, methods and processes, and how can these disciplines learn from each other?

How might sharing design approaches across artists, designers and scientists lead to new possibilities for molecular design?


These are questions that Dr Amanda Jarvis from the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh has been asking, as design methods are an inherent part of her scientific research as a chemist developing transition-metal catalysts. Embedded in both creative design and scientific design approaches, are the concepts of circular product development pathways as scientific, design and creative communities focus their practices on finding sustainable and circular solutions to meet the demands of modern day life and to embed ethical and sustainable approaches to creative production. While these concepts are well explored in biodesign spaces, the overlap in design methods in the context of chemistry is less understood. Molecular Architectures: towards cross-disciplinary design in Chemistry is a programme of art-science interactive creative exchange events co-developed by ASCUS Art & Science, which aims to provide time and space for chemists, artists and designers to share the approaches, concepts and language used during the design process and to learn from other disciplines.

There will be two public events for this phase of the project that will explore visions of collaborative approaches to molecular Chemistry and Design. Through creative exercises we will cross boundaries of scientific language and in a panel listen to experiences of applied art and science projects. In a two-day workshop we will together turn these thought exercises into tangible, experimental and artistic outcomes to visualize our journey into molecular architectures and cross-disciplinary creative pathways.


> Next event: Panel Discussion, Q and A

Join Dr Amanda Jarvis from the University of Edinburgh and the ASCUS team for a discussion round that meets with selected art-science duos to dive into cross-disciplinary Design and Chemistry collaborations. We will explore their creative outputs and gain insights on their collaborative journey to guide what has already been achieved and what conversations still need to be had to help us be the best designers we can be in all disciplines.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Emily Candela, RCA

Date: 3rd August 2022

Time: 5pm – 6.30pm, BST

Venue: Online

Tickets: Free | Drop in (Event page link coming soon)

Please note that this event will be recorded to be made available to wider audiences after the event.


If you have any questions about these events, please contact Paula via

Image 1 courtesy of A. G. Jarvis, A. C. Whitwood and I. J. S. Fairlamb
Image 2 courtesy of Paula Nerlich