Playing with Pandemics


Writing and Researching Infectious Disease

Why do we like science that makes our skin crawl? Join us Tuesday November 25th for a panel discussion about our public fascination with infectious disease. Explore why certain diseases capture our imagination and how writers, artists and scientists shape the narrative around pandemics. This discussion is between sci-fi author of Plague Times Trilogy, Louise Welsh, malaria expert Laura Pollitt, and bacterial evolution specialist Luke McNally.

What happens if a disease becomes resistant to drugs?

Find out:
Tuesday November 25th
7:30pm Summerhall Cafe

Stay for a drink afterwards in the Royal Dick Bar.

This event is open to everyone. For those interested in applying to our ASCUS/CIIE micro-residency this event will provide an opportunity to meet scientists they could work with and ask questions to the organisers.

For more information on the residency visit our website: Residency

Louise Welsh: is a writer living and working in Glasgow. She is the author of six novels, her most recent thriller A Lovely Way to Burn is the first in her Plague Times trilogy.

Luke McNally: is interested in how evolutionary biology can be used to predict which bacterial species will pose future risks to human health.

Laura Pollitt: is an evolutionary biologist interested in how parasites interact with each other and their hosts to shape patterns of infection and disease.

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