Physical Chemistry: The Interplay of Light and Energy

Image credit: Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

Physical Chemistry: The Interplay of Light and Energy
16:00-19:00, Saturday 23rd June 2018

Come and join us in the ASCUS Lab for Physical Chemistry: The Interplay of Light and Energy, a hands-on workshop developed by Mareike Wallrabe, a German chemistry student and ASCUS Lab intern.

What happens to an object that is illuminated by an intense beam of light (laser)? Is the energy absorbed or reflected? Can you even see it with the naked eye? These and other questions are all part of the wider investigations currently being explored by Mareike at the Georg-August-University Göttingen, as part of her ongoing research into how materials are influenced by light energy. She has developed this workshop with us to share with you this fascinating world of physical chemistry.

A lot of physical chemistry is hidden to the naked eye and, perhaps surprisingly, exists everywhere in our daily lives. Come along to this workshop to join us on a journey as we uncover physical chemistry in action in the most unexpected objects, household items, foods, plants and even living things.

During this workshop you will get an introduction to common research techniques employed in physical chemistry in research labs today. Ever wanted to make your own secret ink using everyday materials? Want to know how to make crystals grow and form before you very own eyes? Get hands on exploring how to use food to produce energy and cabbage juice to visualise how we see colours! Join us for a jam-packed afternoon of experiments and we promise you’ll go away looking at light and energy in a whole new way.

What will be covered:

Fluorescence – Do we understand it on a molecular level?
Energy – How do we store it or convert different forms into each other?
Colours – Why can we see them?

Workshop Details

16:00 – 19:00, Saturday 23rd June 2018
(Please arrive 10/15mins before the start time as we will begin promptly at the advertised time)
ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
General Public (all under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult also participating)
Workshop Level:
Beginners (no previous experience in art or science required)
Physical Chemistry: The Interplay of Light and Energy


*Concessions are for: full time students; unemployed persons, senior citizens, residents of Summerhall, and disabled persons. If you have booked as a concession you must provide proof of status on arrival.

If for reasons outside your control you have registered and are no longer able to make it then please make sure to cancel your registration so that someone else can take your space.

About Mareike and her research

Mareike Wallrabe studies at Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany and finished her Bachelor degree in 2016. She will start her master’s thesis in September this year, studying state-to-state molecular beam surface-scattering. Mareike is interested in molecular dynamics and energy conversion at solid surfaces and is excited to communicate and share the ideas and concepts of physical chemistry.

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