Parallel Perspectives at the 2015 Science Festival


Parallel Perspectives | 4th April – 22nd May

For the Edinburgh International Science Festival, How the Light Gets In ASCUS takes over the Lower Church Galleries Summerhall, to present Parallel Perspectives an exhibition of works that intertwine art and science, comprising of three group shows, created from direct collaboration between artists and scientists.

From our residencies programme, the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution artists Doyle, Colman, Hodges and Milne showcase new work delving into the world of pathogens and disease, that promises to intrigue, inspire and inform. While the Chamberlain lab, University of Strathclyde artists explore and interpret the Hungintin protein, the roles and actions of the scientific researchers, and the real side of Huntington’s disease.

We have also invited London based Art Neuro, to present their ‘science experiment’ which explores the world of neuroscience through the visual arts, providing an exciting, thought-provoking and unique visual experience. Julia Malle’s neon and scientific glassblowing works link Parallel Perspectives with the rest of the exhibition rooms, illuminating and guiding visitors through the sprawling corridors of Summerhall.

Open Daily 11am – 6pm

Parallel Perspectives Launch Night

After a record breaking turn out for the launch of How The Light Gets In at Summerhall for the EISF 2015, we are pleased to share our video and photos from Parallel Perspectives. This exhibition demonstrates the innovative and diverse methods adopted by artists who have developed new work collaborating with scientists.

Film by Diego Almazan de Pablo, Interviews by Emily Grieve

Photos by Diego Almazán

Summerhall TV cover Parallel Perspectives

Thanks to Summerhall TV for this piece on Parallel Perspectives part of the Edinburgh Interntional Science Festival 2015

Edinburgh International Science Festival

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