Natural / Synthetic / Emergent: Crystallography Workshop

Wednesday 8th May, 10am to 12.30pm, ASCUS Lab

In association with RAFT, a tech-art research network based in Edinburgh College of Art, ASCUS Art & Science are hosting a fascinating crystallography workshop in ASCUS Lab next week. Students from the University of Edinburgh will create microscopic crystalline compositions and gain insight into the natural and synthetic crystals that exist all around us with guidance from molecular biologist and crystallography artist Waad Albawardi.

Delving deeper into crystallography than we have before in ASCUS Lab, students will learn more about how crystals form, their growth habit, their dynamic properties and their inherent versatility. We will be able to get hands on making unique synthetic crystals, learning how temperature, chemical interactions, physical intervention and other factors can be used to define the resulting emergent properties. Partcipants will be able to capture their own developing crystalline compositions under the microscope and produce their own beautiful imagery.

About Waad

Waad AlBawardi is a molecular biology researcher at The University of Edinburgh studying the process of DNA packaging inside cells. Beyond scientific research, she is interested in examining natural phenomena through creative lenses. She uses microscopy techniques to explore themes of emergence, complex systems, organizational scales, and natural forms. Her recent work includes Interplanetary eXplorer, a collaborative project contemplating the relationship between the microscopic and the universal. Her work has appeared in MIMA, Site Gallery, and Qahwa Project..

In Partnership with:

This workshop has been developed in partnership with RAFT, a research network that aims to support and explore the changing identity of creative practices within our practices. Chaired by Professor Sarah Kettley and supported by vice chair Dr Jessamy Kelly, the network brings together researchers in digital technologies and traditional ways of making, exploring how designers and makers can use technologies to develop new thinking and practice.

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