Molecular Architectures: towards cross-discipliary design in Chemistry / WORKSHOP


We present ‘Molecular Architectures: towards cross-disciplinary Design in Chemistry’, a creative exploration of collaborative science.

Join us for an immersive workshop, where we will go on a journey to explore the world of molecular chemistry through the eyes of scientists and designers. What does design mean in the context of chemistry? How does creativity connect design and science? What are the similarities between science and design language, methods and processes, and how can these disciplines learn from each other? How might sharing design approaches across artists, designers and scientists lead to new possibilities for molecular design?

The 2-day workshop will be a design-science event, co-developed by ASCUS Art & Science and Dr Amanda Jarvis, molecular chemist from The University of Edinburgh. Hosted by design researcher Paula Nerlich, the workshop will start with creative chemistry demos and experiments. These will guide us to creative exchange sessions in which designers and chemists will explore how design thinking is used in molecular chemistry and diverse design fields. Through discourse and experimental making of communicative pieces, we will turn new thinking into tangible matter to explore and articulate a common language accessible to designers, scientists and artists.

The workshop will act as space to engage in new disciplines, cross boundaries between science and creative design practice and empower both designers and scientists to drive a new future of science that embraces sustainable practices and is informed by creative cross-disciplinary encounters that can drive new collaborative futures in circular, innovative design-science endeavors.

Full details

Date/time of Event:
Day 1: 13:00 – 18:00 BST  16th September 2022
Day 2: 10:00 – 17:30 BST  17th September 2022
Participation fee: FREE
Participation in this event is free, with lunch included and we are able to offer reimbursement or a contribution towards travel expenses.
How to Apply:
Apply Here

You will be asked questions such as:

  • Why you are interested in attending and the relevance to your practice/research including one link to at least one relevant piece of work which demonstrates your creative practice/field of work, online or digital (no greater than 2MB in size) OR relevant paper, article, prototype.
  • What you will gain from this opportunity and it’s impact on your future work

We are looking for applications from creative practitioners and chemists with a genuine interest in the topics being explored and discussed. Priority will be given to individuals who can demonstrate that this opportunity will be of benefit to them in the context of their creative practice and/or research.

Please make sure you hold the copyrights to all submitted material. ASCUS Art & Science only accepts applications in English for this call. The workshop will be held in English only.

If you have specific requirements, please include these in the form.

Places available:
12 places
ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Expressions of interest are welcomed from creative practitioners working in any Design discipline. This opportunity is open to individuals at any stage of their career
09:00, Monday 22nd August 2022

Design and Scientist Facilitators

Dr Amanda Jarvis is the lead of the Jarvis Group at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests revolve around the application of biological architecture to the design of transition-metal catalysts, to develop highly selective catalysts for ‘unnatural’ reactions such as direct C-H amination. Amanda is fascinated by the opportunities that artificial metalloenzymes offer in terms of enhancing selectivity and reactivity of reactions, whilst also offering routes towards more sustainable chemistry. Amanda is the lead of ‘Molecular Architectures: towards cross-disciplinary design in Chemistry’ – a programme of art-science interactive creative exchange events co-developed by ASCUS Art & Science, which aims to provide time and space for chemists, artists and designers to share the approaches, concepts and language used during the design process and to learn from other disciplines.

Paula Nerlich, is a designer and explorer, active in the fields of Material Design, Futures Thinking and Skills Sharing. As material designer and co-founder of Circular Home Lab, Paula initiates discourse around rethinking systems of waste, the food industry and community through the creation of circular biomaterials from industrial food production surplus. She works with global clients, cross-disciplinary collaborations and as a guest lecturer at international Universities. Paula is currently a PhD candidate at The Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment investigating the potential of textiles as living structures that nurture the well-being of human and more-than-human inhabitants in the built environment through multi-sensory inter-species interactions. She is also the co-founder of ‘Bio-Futures for Transplanetary Habitats’, a research group exploring interdisciplinary research on transplanetary habitats, and habitats within extreme environments through an emphasis on the bio-social and biotechnological relations.

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