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Check out the what we’ve been getting up to during the development stages of ASCUS Lab as well as during our ambitious programme of hands-on workshops over the course of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016. Activities have ranged from playing around with bioluminescent bacteria and proteins with Patrick Hickey, Taxidermy with Fiona Dean, Science and Poetry with Sam Illingworth and the Chemistry of Natural Dyes with ASCUS lab’s Dr Ryan Lewis. Please click on the images below to see the galleries.

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ASCUS Lab is supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award
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ASCUS Lab activities at the 2016 Sceince Festival

During the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016 we opened ASCUS Lab, the largest publicly accessible lab in the UK for experimentation in art and science, to the general public. For over two weeks, we ran an ambitious programme of workshops, where members of the public had the chance to participate in a wide range of hands-on experiences, doing different art-science …

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Living Graffiti experiments in ASCUS Lab

At ASCUS Lab we have been looking into different methods to create living graffiti. We’ve been collecting moss, exploring various recipes, testing out samples and experimenting with transplanting procedures.

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PCR Testing in ASCUS Lab

ASCUS Lab experiments with Dr Barry Denholm and working group, piloting some DNA amplification in the lab using our PCR* machines donated via the University of Edinburgh’s Sustainability Department. *The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technology in molecular biology used to amplify a single copy or a few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, …

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