Lab Equipment and Resources

Lab Equipment and Resources

The main focus’ of ASCUS Lab based on its current resources and equipment are Microscopy, Microbiology and DNA analysis, and in March 2018 we were awarded our Genetic Modification license from the HSE to carry out specified work in this area. However there is always more work to be done to keep developing the facility so watch this space!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the individual researchers at the University of Edinburgh and in particular Warp It and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department for their ongoing support, for without which, their kind donations of ex-research equipment, the ASCUS Lab as you see it today would not exist.

In ASCUS Lab we have a range of basic consumables, glassware and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that are necessary for general lab work. We also have a wide range of chemicals and stains for different protocols so please get in touch if you want to enquire about something in particular.


For Microscopy we have a suite of high-magnification upright and inverted microscopes equipped with a range of microscopy techniques including; polarised light, dark-field and oil immersion, as well as more advanced techniques including; fluorescent, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC) and Hoffman modulation contrast (HMC). We also have slide making consumables and equipment including a microtome for slicing thin sections.


For Microbiology we have an in house collection of microorganisms which includes but is not limited to; Bioluminescent bacteria, Pigmented bacteria, Oscillatoria sp., Actinomycetes, S. cerevisiae, Microscopic fungi, Slime mould and E. coli. We have Biological Class II Safety Cabinet facilities, a centrifuge, incubators and other consumables and media for preparing cultures.

DNA Analysis and Genetic Modification

For DNA Analysis and Genetic Modification we have a range of pipettes, and tips of various sizes as well as eppendorf tubes and other consumables regularly used in DNA Analysis protocols. We have PCR machines, electrophoresis kits, gel docs and a transilluminator and printer for visualising DNA. We have also had our genetic modification license for work with microorganisms and C. elegans approved by the HSC and we have autoclaving facilities to safeguard this type of work.

As a non-profit organisation dedicated to public engagement in the arts and sciences, we depend on the ongoing and generous support of our donating partners to continue to develop the lab as a valuable resource and venue for innovative public engagement. Please contact us at if you have equipment or consumables you would like to donate.