Featured Open Session – with Guest Physics Researcher Dr Anne Pawsey

The physical characteristics of paints, inks and clays influence how they can be used to produce art. How they are deposited wet, transferred from surface to surface and how they dry. Dr Anne Pawsey of the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership at the University of Edinburgh is studying these materials and would like to invite artists or anyone who uses clays, inks and paints to join her in posing questions and exploring how physics influences the behaviour of these materials.

Ever asked yourself what is actually happening when paint dries? If this and other burning questions about paints and pigments spring to mind then come along to ASCUS Lab from 6pm-9pm during our Open Session on Thursday the 26th of April when we will be joined by Anne, who will share the research she has been exploring into the flow, transfer, drying and transformation of paints and pigments.

The usual £5 Open Session fee applies if you want to get hands on, but joining us for a chat is absolutely FREE! Our lab Open Sessions are run on a Drop-in basis (no booking required)

About Anne and her research

Dr Anne Pawsey works for the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership studying the application of soft matter physics to industrial problems. Anne completed her PhD on Colloids* at Liquid Crystal Interfaces in 2014 at the University of Edinburgh. Anne is interested in the physics of artists materials as examples of complex fluids and is excited to work with ASCUS to explore these materials in partnership with artists.
*a colloid is a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles is suspended throughout another substance

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