Featured Open Session – with Guest Cardiovascular Science Researchers

For our ASCUS Lab Open Session on Saturday the 21st of October we are delighted to announce that we will be joined by cardiovascular science PhD researchers Rebecca Wafer, Teodora Aldea and Emmanouil Solomonidis, who will spend the afternoon with us sharing and doing live demos of the research that they do at BHF Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Edinburgh.

Sat, 21st Oct 2017

Cardiovascular disease kills one person every three minutes in the UK, therefore research into its causes and future treatments is vital. This featured Open Session will explore the different ways in which researchers study cardiovascular disease, by showing visitors to the lab the different tools and methods used in the research, how samples are processed and how they are then visualised in order to extract information. Visitors will get the chance to see up close the process of staining tissue samples, examining them under a microscope and observing the effects different diets can have on the body, you may even get the chance to try it for yourself! In addition to this, visitors will also have the opportunity to examine pre-prepared samples stained in different ways for different research purposes.

This is a unique chance to explore the different equipment and imaging tools available for public use in ASCUS Lab and used in current cardiovascular science research, so drop in to chat to Rebecca, Teodora and Emmanouil to find out more about what is happening in the world of cardiovascular science today.

Note: the tissue and samples for viewing on the day will be from mice and zebrafish provided by cardiovascular scientists conducting scientific research into human health

More info…

Saturday 21th October
12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Adult + Family
(U18’s must be accompanied by a guardian)
Recommended but not essential
(spaces are limited so do book to avoid disappointment)
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If for reasons outside your control you have registered and are no longer able to make it then please make sure to cancel your registration so that someone else can take your space.

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About the researchers

Rebecca Wafer, Teodora Aldea and Emmanouil Solomonidis, are Ph.D candidates at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh.

Rebecca Wafer’s research focuses on the genetic regulation of fat and how different characteristics of fat influence disease risk.
Teodora Aldea’s research is focused on visceral or ‘bad’ fat, which surrounds internal organs and is closely linked to cardiovascular disease.
Emmanouil Solomonidis’s research is looking at mechanisms of blood vessel formation following a heart attack and whether these can help develop future heart regeneration therapies.

Here’s how it went…

On the 21st of October PhD cardiovascular science researchers Rebecca Wafer, Teodora Aldea and Emmanouil Solomonidis joined us in ASCUS Lab for The Heart: UNCOVERED featured Open Session. On the day they brought along sections of heart and live zebra fish from different aspects of their current research which focuses on heart disease, including the influence different types of fat have on disease risk and how blood vessels change as a result of a heart attack. Below are some audience responses and photos of what happened on the day:

‘I enjoyed the interaction and the conversations as well as being able to see/try things… It was totally new and interesting to see the different life changes of Zebrafish and I enjoyed learning about animal models and how they’re useful… Live Zebrafish are just amazing’

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