2013 Science Festival: [E]laborate with ASCUS

ASCUS is proud to present the first ASCUS Lab in Edinburgh: [E]laborate
Saturday 6 April 2013, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

Tent Gallery, Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh


ASCUS [E]laborate takes us back to the origins of the word laboratory, providing an opportunity to get involved with active, hands-on, art science interactions and collaborations

The first [E]laborate venture will be the final part of the Conflict of Interest Exhibition, produced in association with the Edinburgh International Science Festival and in collaboration with The Clipperton Project.

Come and join us for some word-based fun, and dissect a published scientific paper by Dr. Anthony Bloom (University of Edinburgh) with the aim of reworking it as poetry. Dr. Bloom, who works in the area of Environmental Science, will be at the event to talk about his paper, and will join the discussion as we consider how poetic scientific language can be.

Here are some photos showing how the event unfolded:

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