Science Festival 2013: Conflict of Interest


Tent Gallery

Evolution House, 78 West Port,
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
23 March – 6 April 2013

An exhibition at the Tent Galley in collaboration with The Clipperton Project and series of three Saturday events at the space. ‘Conflict of Interest’ looks at aspects of art and science interactions with the help of members of The Clipperton Project (TCP) and ASCUS. The installation is a melange of art and science. It combines the aesthetic of an original piece by Engebretson and scientific data. The sculpture has layered meanings that can be read either as an artwork or as a 3D method for displaying distribution of fauna (in this case barnacle species). Within the work concepts of boundaries and conflicts between art and science and the biotic and the abiotic are examined. Curated by Hamer Dodds.

Exhibition Gallery

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