2013 Science Festival: ASCUS Exhibition at the City Art Centre

23 March – 6 April 2013

This year, ASCUS is proud to present a series of work at the City Art Centre for the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The artwork sits alongside the interactive displays that EISF present each year at the City Art Centre, and shows off what can be achieved when artists and scientists collaborate. The work in focus in 2013 comes from Henry Segerman, Hamer Dodds, Gair Dunlop and Andrea Geile.

Artist Information:

Hamer Dodds

Hamer Dodds is and scientist and artist based in Edinburgh, and presents a series of drawings that show the nature of stem cells. In creating this work, Hamer collaborated with the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) Edinburgh, and the European consortiums Eurocell and Eurostem.

Hamer chose the case of Fatu, a northern white rhinoceros as a starting point for this collaboration as the relationship between collected individual cells and a complete, rare beast appeared to be tenuous whereas it is axiomatic. The 19th century biologist François-Vincent Raspall put the case for the cell beautifully- omnis cellula e cellula (every cell is derived from another cell). The use of negative space in the drawing suggests the emerging biota are at one and the same time unrealised or realised, their form being coded by the information held within the stem cells.

More information on the work produced by Hamer can be found on his website: www.inordinatefondness.com

Henry Segerman

Henry Segerman is a Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne, and also a mathematical artist, collaborating with other mathematicians and computer scientists to produce 3d printedsculptures. His mathematical research centres on 3-dimensional geometry and topology, and concepts from those areas often appear in his work. Henry has collaborated with Saul Schleimer, a mathematician at the University of Warwick, and their aim is to produce sculptures of topological objects by finding canonical geometric representations. Henry and Saul will be showing a number of their 3D mathematical sculptures at the City Art Centre this year.

If you would like to see more of the 3D sculptures a large array of the work can be found on the Shapeways website: www.shapeways.com

Gair Dunlop

Gair Dunlop is an artist based in Scotland and makes work that explores entropic Modernism. He is interested in combining elements of site-specific practice with digital technologies. He is currently an artist/researcher in Art and Media at DJCAD.
Gair will be showing his film ‘Atom Town’, a split screen artwork that documents the tangled history of nuclear technology, politics and people at Dounreay. Dounreay Atomic Research Establishment is a sprawling monument to solidity, optimism and analogue engineering. The intangible alchemies and sense of romantic science at its heart are trapped like amber in archive film and in its colossal structures. Over the last two years, unprecedented access to the
facility and to the UKAEA Archive at Harwell have allowed Gair Dunlop to explore the dream and the consequences of high science in a remote community.

More information about Atom Town can be found here: www.atomtown.org.uk

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