COVID-secure Guidelines

ASCUS Lab COVID-secure rules and guidelines

We’re delighted to welcome you to ASCUS Lab. Our priority is making sure we’re looking out for you and our team and therefore we have introduced a number of new processes and hygiene measures in the lab to lower the risk of transmission.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us at

Thank you for working with us to keep you and our team safe!

ASCUS Lab COVID-secure guidance

ASCUS Lab is an indoor workspace and therefore poses a higher risk of transmission of Covid-19. Please wear a face covering in ASCUS Lab at all times

ASCUS Lab has been deep cleaned and regular cleaning of high touch areas is implemented by ASCUS Lab staff.

Hand sanitiser points are provided in ASCUS Lab, please use these often in particular before and after interacting with shared equipment.


ASCUS Lab is now a 1m socially distanced space, please keep 1m distance from other lab users and lab staff at all times.

Drop-in access is no longer possible, please contact us directly at
to book a zone.

Lockers are provided for members for personal items.