ASCUS CIIE Micro-Residency – Open call


Application Deadline: 5pm on the 1st December 2014

Announcing our new ASCUS micro-residency programme at the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution (CIIE) located in Ashworth labs, University of Edinburgh.

Scientists have made progress in understanding how pathogens cause disease, escape our immune defences and spread in populations. However pathogen evolution threatens this progress, generating drug resistance, rendering vaccines ineffective and allowing invasion of new hosts and populations.

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ASCUS and CIIE labs have teamed up to offer a new opportunity for artists to engage with current scientific research in their unique interdisciplinary centre which brings together specialists in; infection biology, immunology, geneticists, mathematical modelling, epidemiology and evolutionary biology. For this programme we are offering three artist micro-residencies – each consisting of 14 days contact time between 9th January – 31st March 2015, spread over a period of 8-12 weeks.

This opportunity is open to artists in the following disciplines: visual, audio, written/spoken word, theatre, encouraging collaboration not only with the researchers, but also with each other. The artwork created during the micro-residency will be showcased in an exhibition at Summerhall during Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015.

The aim of CIIE micro-residency is to enable true collaborations and enable the production of the most interesting outcomes. For this micro-residency, the artists can respond to the research of the CIIE as a whole, or may choose to focus on one of the identified research (please see additional information for details). We also ask that artists consider that the artwork produced be easily stored, so that it can be re-exhibited for different events.

The fund available for the project is £1,000 per artist with an additional £500 per artist for material costs (all figures quoted are inclusive of VAT)

Application Process:

Please submit your completed application and CV to by 5pm on the 1st December 2014.
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Please make sure to read our additional information about important and current CIIE projects before submitting your application.

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Key dates announced

Friday 9th January

Wednesday 14th January

Wednesday 21st January

Friday 16th January

CIIE Residency Begins – Welcome lunch (Ashworth)

Ashworth Symposium (2.00-8.30pm at Appleton Tower)

CIIE Symposium – A Global Perspective on Emerging Infectious Diseases
Happy Hour – Darwin Dance Hall, Ashworth Labs (from 5.30)


Should a proposal for actual artwork be included in the application?
We are happy for you to include a proposal for a specific proposed artwork in addition to your application. However, it is not essential as it is more important for us to get a sense of your practice as a whole and your interest in working with the scientists in CIIE. The purpose of the residency is to create a new Artwork in response to the research carried out at CIIE.

When would the laboratory sessions/contact time with scientists be held?
There are times and dates scheduled for introductions and conferences on the announced days detailed above and other lab sessions/contact time will be organised with you individually based on the areas of research you are interested in should your application be successful.

Would I be able to suggest a workshop/event together with another creative person?
Yes, we are happy to receive a workshop/event idea from you including another creative person but we would not be able to provide an additional fee for this.

What sort of space have you available for workshops/public events to take place in?
There are a variety of spaces at Summerhall that we could assess for this purpose depending on what your event/workshop requires. There is also the opportunity to run an event/workshop for the general public during the Edinburgh International Science Festival which would also take place at Summerhall.

What audiences do you envisage coming to these workshops/events?
For a proposed workshop/event during the residency the audiences would be either artists and scientists participating in the residency or the ASCUS community (artists and scientists interested in art-science cross overs)
For a proposed workshop/event during the Edinburgh International Science Festival the event can be geared towards adults/children/families.

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