CIIE micro-residency

In January 2014 our four micro-residency artists embarked on a collaborative journey with scientists from the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution spending fourteen days over over three months emersing themselves in the research carried out at the centre. Over the course of the residcency the artists used this time to develop a body of work under the title ‘Transmissions’ which was showcased to the general public within a group exhibition ‘Parallel Perspectives’ in Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015 art programme, How The Light Gets In . This exhibition of work susequently travelled LifeSpace, Dundee, returning to Edinburgh to showcase at the Tent Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art.

See below for insights from our participating artists over the course of the micro-residency, revealing the variety of approaches they employed, as they met with scientists to explore the unique research that takes place across the centre.

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Wriggly Things

Here filmmaker Anne Milne gives us an update on her CIIE findings. After spending a lot of time at the Ashworth labs over the last month Anne has been busy filming and experimenting. For her research Anne has been looking at ‘wriggly things’ from tiny threadlike parasitic worms to the dangerous parasites found in cotton rats. She tells us how …

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Surfaces, Edges and Boundaries

By Emily Grieve Over the last few weeks artists Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman have been exploring a wide range of avenues and are gradually beginning to narrow down their points of interest. From exploring parasites in the ‘real world’ to viruses and virulence. The Artists began by meeting with Luke McNally discussing bacterial predictions and the different tools bacteria …

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Baby cells and casts of wells

Intro by Emily Grieve 7th February 2015 Here artist Mark Doyle gives us his latest insight into the world of CIIE. From his talks with Amy Buck about ‘’baby cells’’ to analogies from Dom at the Blaxter lab, likening their work to a jigsaw puzzle. Mark has already started experimenting… Photo by Mark Doyle by Mark Doyle Yesterday morning I …

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Into New Territory

Intro by Emily Grieve 2nd February 2015 Petra Schneider and Eleanor Silvester of the SBS Press Gang have been tracking the artist’s progress so far. Here is what they had to say along with some interesting insights from artists Mark Doyle and Anne Milne who have been busy visiting a number of labs and getting to know the scientists better. …

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More from CIIE micro-residency

by Emily Grieve 26th January 2015 Once again artists and scientist minds met as our CIIE micro-residency continued last week. Artists explored more of the Ashworth laboratory and the innovative research carried out there. The residency continues to show how skilled the scientists are at explaining highly complex scientific research in a way which can be understandable for the artists, …

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CIIE micro-residency continues

by Emily Grieve 16th January 2015 Our CIIE micro-residency artists regrouped for an afternoon of inspiring demonstrations, talks and tours from CIIE scientists. Inside the room, affectionately known by scientists as ‘the fishbowl’, is where artists will be based throughout the residency. Our first talk took place here with CIIE Fellow Melissa Ward studying antibiotic resistance, epidemiology and genetics of …

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CIIE micro-residency begins


by Emily Grieve 12th January, 2015 The ASCUS CIIE micro-residency began with coffee in the Darwin Dance Hall, this is the social space within the Ashworth Building where packed lunches are eaten, coffee is consumed and science is discussed. This gave the artists the perfect setting to introduce themselves to one another and share ideas, and the immediate enthusiasm of …

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