Catalysing Creativity | Discussion Event

‘Catalysing Creativity: Stories of Change’ is a new digital exhibition curated by ASCUS Art & Science presented as part of the 2021 Science Festival, highlighting molecular science and artistic approaches as a lens through which to investigate the concept of change and the interconnectivity of people and our planet

Presented by ASCUS Art and Science in partnership with ScotCHEM

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Image courtesy of Honza Turnovsky

Catalysing Creativity | Discussion Event


When: Monday June 28th, 13:00 – 14:00
Where: Online via YouTube
Tickets: FREE, donations welcome
Audience: Ages 14+
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‘Catalysing Creativity’ discussion event is presented by ASCUS Art & Science and ScotCHEM, in collaboration with participating artists and scientists, to complement the digital exhibition. It aims to shed a light on the process of art-science collaboration.

What are the conversations that underpin cross disciplinary collaboration and what insight does this work bring to our understanding of the complex world in which we live?

During the collaborative process of the making of these works, both artists and scientists embarked on a journey into each other’s work and practices.

Through this process Romain Viguier and Dr Mairi Haddow found many parallels between organised matter and society, becoming fascinated with the way materials change, adapt to their environment and how many reactions start within cracks and irregularities.

Honza Turnovsky and Dr Amanda Jarvis found themselves becoming fascinated by the theme of activation and how this manifests in different forms and connects their practises and processes.

Come along to this event to hear from the artists and scientists directly involved in the creation of these new bodies of work. Created in a time before our lives were thrust into a global pandemic, what insights can the process reveal about how our lives and the way we live have fundamentally changed.

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The full online exhibition will be available to view online on this page for the duration of the 2021 Edinburgh Science Festival which runs 26th Jun – 11th Jul

Romain Viguier &
Dr. Mairi Haddow

‘Self Assemblage’

Through this sculpture series, Romain Viguier and Dr. Mairi Haddow reflect on how society reacts to change, using art and aspects observed amongst ordered and disordered molecules in materials and crystals, asking can we learn from nature’s own innate ability to self organise and it’s seemingly endless capability to successfully change and restructure.

Honza Turnovsky &
Dr Amanda Jarvis

‘Sciennes Place’

Through artistic inquiry into the ways a largely forgotten and religiously sensitive place can be reactivated in people’s minds these works by Honza Turnovsky and Dr Amanda Jarvis seek to create new points of access to research, questioning, what are the implications of unnatural activation of dormant powers in science and culture.

‘Catalysing Creativity’ comprises two creative commissions supported by ScotCHEM in collaboration with ASCUS Art & Science, and in partnership with researchers at The University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University.

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