What happens when artists and scientists come together in an open science lab? We’ve spent the last 4 years, since ASCUS Lab’s conception finding out. Our latest exhibition, Capturing Collaboration, encapsulates impressions of this elusive exchange in some of its many forms.

Art Sci Postcard – Textile inspired by quantum mechanics by textile artist, Madeleine Shepherd


From Mon 10th Feb 2020
Forest Cafe, 141 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9JN

This February, we have given Forest Cafe an ASCUS makeover, positioning installations and imagery throughout the space giving snapshots of experimentation carried out in ASCUS Lab during projects and workshops.

Featured in the exhibition is some imagery produced at our knowledge exchange and hands-on workshops, Art & Science on a Postcard hosted in partnership with InterSci over 2 years. The workshop pairs artists and scientists and encourages a creative exchange in the collaborative design of a postcard. Over the years we have brought together cancer researchers, art psychotherapists, quantum biologists, multidisciplinary artists, neurologists, linguists, neuroscientists, crafters, collagists, graphic designers, writers, jewellery designers and many more in the workshops.

Ecosystems in Jars

Installations include ‘bio textile tapestries’, ‘chromatography worlds’, ‘microscopy crystals’, ‘ecosystems in Jars’ and a ‘kombucha farm’ among others for a fascinating peak into what’s possible in ASCUS Lab.

Microscopy Crystals

Our thanks go to Forest Cafe for hosting the exhibition. We’re delighted to have been able to bring these objects to a temporary home out of the lab and give an exciting new context to what we do.

Exhibition Partners

InterSci is a student society at Edinburgh University whose aim is to encourage conversation and collaboration between scientists of different disciplines and provide a platform for scientists to share their work with the public.
Forest Cafe is a volunteer-run, collectively-owned free events and arts space masquerading as a vegetarian cafe. Forest provides a 100% free space for artists and activists to meet, organise, perform and share skills. We are excited to be partnering with Forest Cafe this year who will host our mixer event and exhibition.

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