British Science Week 2017 at ASCUS Lab

For British Science Week (BSW) 2017 ASCUS is hosting two unique art-science workshops; Making Scents with molecular biologist Frank Machin and Creative Microscopes in partnership with Gumption Girls, an Edinburgh based social enterprise that aims to empower and inspire girls trough STEAM based activities (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths). We are delighted to be a part of British Science Week (BSW) and their exciting ten-day programme this year.

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Making Scents, with Frank Machin

When: 13th March and 15th March, 18:00-20:30
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: FREE (booking required) BOOK NOW

Learn about the chemistry of scents, and get insight into the biological signifiance of how small changes in molocules can impact our own health. During this workshop Frank will guide participants through the process of invoking our sense of smell using organic chemistry. Join us in uncovering the wonder behind the creation and experiencing of different scents using chemical reactions. Every tried rotating molecules? How can you mix alcohol and vinegar to create something that smells like a pear? Come along to ASCUS Lab for this unique chance to explore the evocative fifth sense!


British Science Week with New Scots Culture Jams

When: 15th March, 15:45
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: please contact The Welcoming directly if you are interested in attending.

On Wednesday afternoon we will be hosting the Scotland For Newcomers group, as part of the New Scots Culture Jams exploring and sharing culture with local refugee and migrant communities with the Welcoming for British Science Week. For more information visit the welcoming page.


Creative Microscopes-Art and Science workshop for girls

When: 17th March, 14:00-16:30
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: £4.84 (booking required) BOOK NOW

Gumption Girls are running a creative microscope workshop in partnership with ASCUS Lab at Summerhall, the UK’s largest publicly accessible lab for experimentation in art and science.During this workshop girls will be guided through the hands-on workshop by ASCUS staff to discover the fascinating world of microscopic life and capture their discoveries on digital media using digital SLR cameras attached to the microscopes.They will also be exploring the wonderful world of slime mould, a free living single celled organism, plus its applications and uses within the arts, sciences and design.

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