Bio and Beyond Workshops | EISF 2016

Co-curated by the Science Festival, Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science, Bio and Beyond brings together work from local and international artists, designers and scientists inspired by or challenging science and technology’s potential to improve our world and how we live in it. Check out our programme of associated workshops and events that we are running to coincide with the exhibitions and join us in exploring a range of ideas from sleep disturbance, to lichens to microgeography.

EISF Events and Workshop programme

Menagerie of Microbes: Exhibitors Talk
When: 26th of March, 11am – 12pm
Where: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall
Tickets: Free, Adults BOOK NOW
Join the Menagerie of Microbes team for an hour of talks and discussion exploring the mechanisms, histories and future potential of simple yet complex life forms. The talk is curated by Heather Barnett and James Howie (ASCUS Lab) and brings together the work of artists, designers and scientists who share a passion for microorganisms, which exist in and around us.
Anna Dumitriu_workshop260x260
The Romantic Disease: Infective Textiles Practical Bioart Workshop with Anna Dumitriu
When: 26th of March, 1pm – 2.30pm
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: £12, Adults BOOK NOW
Come to the The Romantic Disease: Infective Textiles Practical Bioart Workshop and learn about the history of ‘romantic disease’ and develop practical DIY microbiology skills to create your own bioartworks working with environmental bacteria and natural dyes which were historically used to treat the disease. We will also consider the issue of antimicrobial resistance and future directions in research such as whole genome sequencing and synthetic biology.
Micro geography
Microgeography Field Study with Dr Simon Park
When: 26th of March, 3pm-4pm
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: £12, Adults BOOK NOW
Dr Simon Park will be hosting a unique microbiologically informed walk and mobile workshop, which will explore the importance of this urban microbiology, using examples found in the environment local to Summerhall and the ASCUS Lab. In the very familiar settings of our urban environments, microorganisms have established thriving and complex ecologies that we almost always overlook. Come to the workshop and learn about the hidden signatures of urban microbial life, portable microscopy, and DIY microbiology.
Creative Slime Mould
The Physarum Experiments: Creative Slime Mould Workshop with Heather Barnett
When: 26th of March, 5pm-6.30pm
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: £12, Adults BOOK NOW
Come along to the Heather’s Barnett’s workshop, where you will discover the fascinating role the slime mould single celled organism has to play in the cultures of science and art, and design a practical experiment to test its capabilities and problem-solving skills. Each participant will take home a new microbial pet to observe and experiment with.
Lichens workshop
We love Lichens! with Sarah Roberts, Kristine Bogomazova, Frances Stoakley
When: 27th of March, 2pm – 3.30pm
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: FREE, All ages are welcome! BOOK NOW
Come and join us for a fun workshop to journey in the magical tiny world of lichens. Explore the amazing shapes, sizes and colours of these wonderful organisms!
Bedtime Balancing Act
Bedtime Balancing Act with Josie Valley
When: 1st of April, 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
Where: Corner Gallery, Summerhall
Tickets: Free, drop-in workshop BOOK NOW
Come along make a mini mobile from bold, colourful shapes and wire. Spend time working out how to balance your mobile so that it hovers above your head! Once you have finished you can take it home with you and hang it up to help you get to sleep. Getting to sleep can be tricky- especially if you have sore, itchy skin. At this workshop you will have a chance to share your bedtime story – and give some tips and tricks for our friends who have eczema.
Dermatological distractors 
Dermatological Distractors with Trevor Gordon
When: 1st April, 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
Where: Corner Gallery, Summerhall
Tickets: FREE, drop-in workshop BOOK NOW
Have you ever thought about your own skin? Do you take it for granted? Imagine if it was damaged. People with eczema can often have inflamed and itchy skin. Imagine how that feels. Would it distract your work and play? Can art help? Let’s put our heads together and come up with something to help someone who has an urge to itch? Use dental alginate to take casts of your fingers. Make patterns and mold small sculptures. Explore textures and shapes to make small one off distractors that you can pop in your pocket and keep.
Glow in the dark bugs: Bioluminescence (living light) explored
When: 5th of April, 2pm-3.30pm
Where: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall
Tickets: £5, 14+ (Children to be accompanied by adults) BOOK NOW
Dr. Patrick Hickey provides a demonstration of natural living bioluminescent bacteria and fungi and an explanation of the chemistry behind the phenomenon. Watch a miniature “biological firework show” created using the rare purified proteins activated in water. Hands-on activities explore the differences between fluorescence and bioluminescence, phosphorescence, electroluminescence and more. Create your own picture using bioluminescent bacteria (we will post photographs online the next day) plus glowing freebies to take home.