BHF Work of Heart Fringe Workshop: Lub Dub: Sense the Beat

ASCUS Art & Science are teaming up with BHF Scotland for 1 day only at this years Edinburgh Fringe 2019. With BHF funded researchers and a visual artist, we are delighted to present ‘Lub Dub: Sense the Beat,  a FREE workshop as part of  BHF series, ‘Work of Heart.’

We’re packing up our art-science tools and making over BHF Scotland HQ into a pop up ASCUSLab for our sensory adventure into the heart. Join visual artist Becky Sutton and BHF Centre of Research Excellence researchers Finnius Brunton and Mannolis Solomonidis for this creative, scientific heart exploration. In 2 zones, immerse yourself in the heart’s structures, its electricity, its sound, draw to its beat and experience it from micro to massive scale.


2-4pm, Tuesday 6th August, 2019

Zone 1

Participants will discover how aware they are of their own heart, specifically what it looks like and its and sound. We will create large scale visual manifestations of the heart and view the electrical impulses powering every beat. Participants can listen to and spend time with the sound of their own heartbeats and create large scale sound drawings tuned to their own internal rhythm. This will be extended to a large scale collaborative heartbeat artwork facilitated by our guest artist Becky Sutton. Becky will also present her own artwork inspired by her own heart in our special exhibition.

Zone 2

A darkened immersive space where we will explore the heart in micro and massive scale. Delve into the process and imagery of current heart research. Learn to stain microanatomy in our step-by-step staining station. We will use microscopy, projection, and video to give viewers the opportunity to view and interact with heart tissue and heart research on a variety of scales.

A truly sensory, immersive, hands-on experience. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation of your heart.

See you there.

Artist and Scientist Facilitators

Finnius Brunton focuses on understanding how the immune system controls repair and regeneration of hearts after injuries such as heart attacks.
Becky Sutton is an environmental artist. Her practice focuses on print making and installation at the moment. She has used her own heart as a source of inspiration in her work.
Emmanouil Solomonidis is looking at mechanisms of blood vessel formation following a heart attack and whether these can help develop future heart regeneration therapies

About The British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence

The centre is a five-year award from the British Heart Foundation to foster excellence in cardiovascular research. It integrates discovery, translational and clinical cardiovascular research to transform the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with heart and circulatory diseases.

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