Atopic Art at the Dundee Science Festival 2015

About the project

‘Atopic Art: Expressions of eczema’ is a partnership project between ASCUS Art & Science, Dr Sarah Brown and Eczema Outreach Scotland. The project first began in early 2015 with ASCUS commissioning artists Trevor Gordon and Josie Valley to deliver participatory workshops to families affected by eczema at venues across Scotland. From these workshops, and through further consultation with Eczema Outreach Scotland and their members, the artists developed new artwork inspired by the individual art created by participants during the workshops, and based around the theme of ‘living with eczema’. Trevor and Josie creatively incorporated the participants artwork into the final pieces, and worked beyond this to develop new ideas that reflected both the ideas that emerged from this process, along with works inspired by personal expressions of their own experiences of living with eczema. Together the works created by Trevor and Josie reflect both the emotional and scientific impact of the condition on sufferers.


Atopic Art at the Dundee Science Festival 2015

For this installation for the Dundee Science Festival 2015, artists Trevor Gordon and Josie Vallely present their particpatory artworks that have developed out of a series of workshops with families living with eczema across Scotland. Guided by the two artists, children affected by the condition from all over Scotland created unique artwork expressing their own personal experiences of eczema as well as their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The resulting works by Trevor and Josie then bringing together the creative energy of the participants with the science of being human, showcasing work that aims to challenge the usual perception of eczema and raise awareness about the unseen and emotional effects of the condition.

Check out the photos below of the work on show at the Dundee Science Centre

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