ASCUS + ScotCHEM ⇌ Catalysing Creativity | June 2019

Are you an artist or designer inspired by science imagery or concepts? Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of molecules, materials, and matter guided by Scotland’s next generation of chemistry innovators?

Excitingly, ASCUS Art & Science and ScotCHEM, a ‘strategic collaboration of Scotland’s university chemistry departments’ are collaborating on a unique knowledge exchange/networking opportunity for artists and designers to gain exclusive access to Scotland wide cutting edge chemistry research.

Polystyrene resins functionalised with a benzothiadiazole photocatalyst laid on some black sandpaper. Image courtesy of Chris Thomson (PhD) and Alec Burgess (MChem student).

Join ASCUS at ScotCHEM’s networking event on 17th June at V & A Dundee where we will  ‘catalyse creativity’, hosting ‘art meets science’ break out sessions, including a speed networking workshop bringing artists and early career chemistry researchers together and short talks from artists who have varying experiences working across disciplines. We will also be offering the chance to submit proposals for two ScotCHEM supported £1k art meets chemistry commissions. Learn more details about this on the day.

Our ability to manipulate the stuff of our world pervades almost every human endeavor. Chemistry improves the quality of our lives and is essential in overcoming future challenges. Take the opportunity to exchange creative concepts and ideas with some of Scotland’s most innovative chemistry minds.

Event Details

Monday 17th June 11.30 to 21:00
Juniper Auditorium, V&A Dundee, Riverside Esplanade, Dundee
Register by:
9am, Monday 10th June, (This opportunity is for graduates, creative practitioners and designers with a current and ongoing professional practice at any stage of their career)
Free (includes complimentary lunch, drinks and dinner)
Limited spaces available Click and Register

For artists this is an opportunity to:

  • Catalyse creativity by joining our ‘Art meets Science’ break-out sessions
  • Make a proposal for a ScotCHEM supported £1k chemistry-art commission.
  • Meet creative scientific minds
  • Apply for a chemistry – art collaborative commission
  • Creatively explore concepts of current scientific research
  • Unearth and discuss some of the current complex questions of life being explored in science
  • Share your creative practice and approaches with scientists and other artists
  • Understand and learn from the complex chemistry of the natural world
What do Chemists do?:

Scientists lead research into the stuff the world is made of. They create new molecules and materials, enabling the technologies and treatments of tomorrow. They make new things possible, addressing global challenges such as how to tackle global warming; lead sustainable lives; or, support our aging population.

  • Search for new drugs and treatments.
  • Learn to control chemical reactions to make them more efficient, precise and sustainable.
  • Explore the interactions of molecules and materials with light, radiation, magnetism and electricity.
  • Control the shape and form of materials to influence their behaviour.
  • Formulate complex mixtures and composites
  • Understand and monitor the chemistry of the environment.
  • Devise new methods to observe and measure molecules and materials.
  • Create computer simulations of molecules and materials; their reactions and behaviour.

Event Schedule

Please find the full event schedule here.

We are inviting artists and designers to join the second part of ScotCHEM’s all-day networking event, the first half is relevant to early career chemists. The second half is detailed below. Artists are welcome to attend the talks or sessions below and the dinner and after event networking. Please note to qualify for the art commission proposal, we ask that you attend the ASCUS speed networking event and the 2-minute pitches session.

11.30 -12.30
2 minute pitches from early chemistry career researchers (essential)
13.00 -14.00
Lunch (recommended)
14.00 –14.20
Talk by Dr Mike McPherson,Patent Attorney, Creation IP What you need to know about Intellectual Property (optional)
14.20 -14.30
Talk by Andrew Bissell,CEO, Sunamp Commercially driven innovation (optional)
14.30 -14.40
Talk by Dr Jeremy Shears, Chief Scientist Biosciences,Shell Research LtdTBC (optional)
14.40 -15.40
Workshop: EPSRC Big Ideassession–big research problems need big idea (recommended)
15.40 -16.40
ASCUS Art & Science speed networking and artist talks (essential)
16.40 -16.50
Closing remarks (recommended)
Dinner and Drinks at the V&A (recommended)

About ScotCHEM

ScotCHEM combines and enhances resources for chemistry research and research training in Scotland. The initiative brings together seven universities and other major players in the chemical sciences. ScotCHEM generates enhanced critical mass, spurs collaboration, and enables wider access to major facilities, driving excellence and providing the highest quality postgraduate education and researcher experience ScotCHEM work with industry and across disciplines to provide thought leadership and economic advantage.

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