ASCUS Project Space at St. James Centre, Edinburgh

19 January – 26 February 2012
ASCUS Project Space, Suites 34/35, St. James Centre, Edinburgh

Showcasing the 2011 Art-Science Collaboration Grant winners

ASCUS is excited to share news with you of its newly acquired public exhibition space opening this January 2012 inside the lively St. James Shopping Centre in the city centre of Edinburgh. ASCUS, along with the generous support from the St. James Centre, will transform the shop-space into a dynamic art exhibition, wherein works from art and science collaborations will be on grand exhibit, celebrated with public engagement events such as artist and scientist lectures, creative workshops, community discussion groups, and social gatherings.

“With an intellectual history and a cultural infrastructure rich in the arts and sciences, Edinburgh is a uniquely fertile ground for art and science collaborations. This is a wonderful opportunity for practitioners and researchers throughout Scotland to share ground-breaking work in an accessible and engaging public space.” —Mark Eischeid, ASCUS

Graciously supported by The Edinburgh Beltane – Beacon for Public Engagement, this exhibition contains works by four teams of established artists and practising scientists spanning various media, from sculptural installation to on-site video and audio works to digital prints. Exhibiting artists and scientists, representing academic institutions from Edinburgh and beyond, include: Liz Adamson, Shaeron Averbuch, Mar Carmena, Julia Collins, Susan Engstrand, Mark Huxham, Alexander Kagansky, Madeleine Shepherd, Amanda Thomson, Graeme Todd, and Gina Wall. Elegantly combining artistic and scientific processes, the exhibition explores themes such as climate change, the theatrics of genetics, the wearability of mathematically arranged fabrics, and the dissemination of a birdsong in unexpected and whimsical ways, sure to evoke wonder and amusement in passersby.

Through this publicly engaging project space at the St. James Centre, ASCUS highlights the connection between the arts and sciences, and the importance of collaboration and community outreach therein. ASCUS aims to share high-level thought, investigations and data of artists’ and scientists’ research in the context of environment, biology, ecology, and mathematics—to perhaps provide visitors with a new and expanded perspective towards their immediate community, environment and world.

Here are some photos from the opening reception. Please scroll down to read more about individual art-science collaborative projects…

Photos by Emily Workman

The Mathematician’s Shirts

Julia Collins, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

Madeleine Shepherd, Independent Artist, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

How Step is Now: Perspectives on Climate Change in Scotland and Kenya

Liz Adamson and Graeme Todd, Polarcap, Edinburgh College of Art

Mark Huxham, Health, Life and Social Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University

Happi Genetics

Mar Carmena and Alexander Kagansky, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh

Shaeron Averbuch, AiA Art in Architecture LLP

A Dissimulation of Birds?

Susan Engstrand, Science, Environment and Rural Resource Management, University of the Highlands and Islands

Gina Wall and Amanda Thomson, Moray School of Art, University of the Highlands and Islands

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