ASCUS Lab Membership

Image by Michaela Bodlovic

We offer a generous membership program providing various options for expanded access to our Biosafety Level 1 wet lab for those who have a more in-depth project requiring more lab time and technical support than attending ASCUS Lab open sessions on a weekly basis can give. (Please note that ASCUS Lab Open Sessions are currently paused as a result of the Covid-19 crisis)

ASCUS Lab membership offers various options for increased access to ex-research equipment in microscopy, microbiology and DNA analysis, including basic genetic modification as well as lab consumables and other technology resources on a monthly basis.

ASCUS Lab membership Offers:

Technical & Project Support

Our lab technician will be on hand to offer basic troubleshooting support on any equipment you choose to use, basic question and answer support on your specific project, navigation of the space and general lab maintenance in support of your project. Please note more in-depth support can be provided on a 1-1 basis with our technician for £32 per hour.

Wifi, Storage and Lab bench Access

All memberships include free access to ASCUS Wifi. Depending on your choice of membership, we also offer locker space to store small belongings, storage space to house your own equipment and bench space options to really make yourself at home.

Community Access

You will be part of a burgeoning community of art-science enthusiasts which we have built up over the years. We can add you to our global ASCUS Lab and ASCUS Art and Science Community Facebook groups where there are ongoing discussions about all things art & science and it is possible to make fascinating connections for partnership work or specific advice. Receive regular updates of our news and events by joining our e-newsletter mail out.

Exclusive discounts to our workshops and events

All memberships gain a 10% discount to ASCUS workshops, talks and events.

ASCUS Lab access

ASCUS Lab is currently working at reduced capacity as a result of the Covid-19 crisis and therefore members sessions are currently available to book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. These member sessions are no longer run on a drop-in basis, therefore please email lab staff directly to make a booking.

Membership Options | Monthly Subscription Fees

£40/36* per month
1 day p/week access to Lab Members sessions and/or locker sized storage space
£60/54* per month
2 days p/week access to Lab Members sessions and/or locker sized storage space
£80/72* per month
3 days p/week access to Lab Members sessions and/or 1/2m bench/storage space
£100/90* per month
4 days p/week access to Lab Members sessions and/or 1m bench/storage space
£120/108* per month
5 days p/week access to Lab Members sessions and/or 1m bench space + additional storage space


*concessions: full-time students; unemployed persons, senior citizens, residents of Summerhall, and disabled persons. If you have booked as a concession you must provide proof of status on arrival.

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