ASCUS Lab Microscopy Induction

One way to access our Open Sessions is to come along to one of our themed lab inductions. Our inductions currently cover two different themes, microscopy and microbiology, so let us know which one you are interested in attending and we can arrange to run one for you.

More about our Microscopy Induction

Our microscopy induction is for anyone interested in accessing our ASCUS Lab Open Sessions to use our suite of microscopes. You don’t need to have worked in a lab before. During this induction you will receive an induction to safe working in ASCUS Lab followed by an introduction to the range of microscopes and microscopy techniques available in ASCUS Lab. This will set you up with all the information you need to access our Open Sessions to do your own independent microscopy exploration in a supported and supervised environment. Scroll down to see the different types of microscopes and microscopy techniques available in ASCUS Lab.

ASCUS Lab Microscopes

Basic microscopes
Stereo/Dissecting microscopes
Research-grade microscopes

Microscopy Techniques Covered

Polarised Light
Phase Contrast

Our Next Microscopy Induction

Our Lab Inductions currently run on the first Saturday of the month*. To find out when the next induction is please click here

* Some months may be cancelled due to workshops/events taking place, please see our calendar for more information

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