artsci @ crew

Wednesday 12 November 2008, 5.00 – 7.00 pm
Crew Building, King’s Buildings, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

To Launch the Art Collective (as we were then called) an exhibition was held in the Crew Building (Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Science) at the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings science and engineering campus. This exhibition was a solo exhibition by Dr. Emma Hambly, a student at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) at the time. The exhibition included a series of photographs, sculptural works and a wall painting. The wall painting came directly from collaborative discussions with atmospheric scientists in the building.

Artist’s Selective autobiography – Emma Hambly

Prior to studying at art college I worked as a scientist. After my BSc (aquatic biology), I did a PhD in marine microbiology jointly at the University of Warwick and the Marine Biological Association of the UK, Plymouth. In this I explored diversity amongst viruses that infect a globally abundant, photosynthetic, marine bacterium. This subject is of current interest because of the role played by these organisms in global carbon (/ carbon dioxide) cycling (amongst other things). Viruses that infect bacteria are the most abundant biological entities on earth. Following my PhD I conducted post-doctoral research on similar systems in a laboratory in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Throughout this work I used molecular biology techniques to examine the genetic diversity of these microbial organisms in natural and laboratory systems. I then subjected the genetic information I had discovered to sophisticated software programmes in an attempt to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships between the organisms – that is to try to work out how closely, and in which ways, the different microbes are related to each other.

A few years ago I did an art foundation course at Plymouth College of Art and Design, and am now in my final year of a BA in fine art at Edinburgh College of Art.