Artists, Scientists and Microscopy (2 Workshops)

Are you a scientist who wants to work alongside artists, to share new creative perspectives on microscopy and staining, and learn different approaches to creative imaging? Are you an artist who wants to work alongside researchers while exploring the tools and concepts of science and sharing your own imaging techniques? This month ASCUS Lab is collaborating with the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution to offer you just that, the unique opportunity to participate in two workshops that provide a platform for experimentation with the art and science of microscopy in the ASCUS Lab at Summerhall.


£24 (for 2 workshops over 2 days)
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These are skills workshops for artists and scientists interested in shared knowledge, learning and experimentation. Booking is for attendance at BOTH workshops and includes FREE ACCESS to ASCUS Lab open sessions for four weeks.

Light_obsPhoto by Diego Almazan

WORKSHOP 1: Light Observation

Join us in ASCUS Lab for this first workshop with researcher Jess Clark and artist Diego Almazan, to explore lenses, optics, light, and their significance in art and research. In this workshop Jess and Diego will share how they each employ observation in their own practices. You will have the chance to work with Daphnia* at different stages of development led by Jess along with hands-on experimentation guided by Diego, capturing your very own microscopic images using digital and analog photography.
*small aquatic crustaceans commonly called water fleas

Skills learned: Introduction to microscopy and visual imaging

WORKSHOP 2: Image and Sample Manipulation

Join us for this second workshop in this series, where the focus will be on manipulation techniques in art and science. Here Jess will give you the opportunity to gets hands-on with the staining process and preparing your own slide (wet mounting*), ready for viewing under the microscope. You will gain insight into the different ways artists and scientists manipulate both images and their subjects during the processes of creative work and research.
*the specimen is placed in a drop of water or other liquid held between the slide and cover slip

Skills learned: Introduction to staining, wet mounting, image and sample manipulation techniques

Free access to ASCUS Lab Open Sessions

From these two workshops all participants will have the unique opportunity to get FREE exclusive access to ASCUS Lab open sessions over the course of the month to experiment and explore what they have learnt in the workshops. These will be drop-in open sessions and will run as follows until Saturday 13th August:

Wednesdays: 4pm – 10pm
Thursdays: 4pm – 10pm
Saturdays: 10am – 4pm


Jess Clark is a Ph.D candidate with Little Lab at the Centre for Immunity Infection & Evolution (University of Edinburgh), where her research looks at the effect of maternal environment on offspring disease susceptibility, using Daphnia magna, a common zooplankton of freshwater environments. Her previous work has included investigation into the impact of urbanisation on wild birds, differences in disease vectors in urban and non-urban environments and the effects of captivity on animal behaviour. A unifying point of her research is the impact humans have on the world around them. As such, she finds herself constantly drawn to real world applications of her research, looking for unique ways to disseminate information to not only the scientific community, but also wider public audience


Diego Almazán is a filmmaker and photographer based in Edinburgh. He has been working as a cinematographer and director of documentaries and fiction pieces both in Scotland and intentionally: in Norway and Spain. Currently Diego is researching the nature and technique of photography and its origins. He has a particular interest in how photochemistry and reality blend and create a unique representation of our world. Diego works with different media including digital photography, postproduction, and also with 35mm and medium format analog photography. He is is interested in exploring how these different formats can impact on our perception of art.

Check our these photos to see how these workshops went…

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