Art & Science on a Postcard Oct 19 Midlothian Science Festival

After 2 successful renditions, we are bringing Art & Science on a Postcard to Midlothian Science Festival this Autumn In partnership with InterSci, this is a networking and hands-on workshop connecting artists and scientists, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and ideas and to get creative with science.

Workshop Booking Details

Pre Workshop Mixer:
10:00am-12:00pm Sat 5th Oct
Workshop 01:
Workshop 02:
10:00am-12:30pm, Sat 12th Oct
1:00pm-3:30pm, Sat 12th Oct
(please arrive 10/15mins before the start time as we will begin promptly at the advertised time)
Dalketih Arts Centre
Sign up by:
Thursday 3rd October
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The success of this event depends on an equal numbers of artists to scientists signing-up. If there are no longer tickets available under one category please do not book under a different title as this will mean we cannot create interdisciplinary matches on the day. Thank you for your help.

Mixer event
A pre workshop mixer event on 5th October so you will have the opportunity to meet your partner and chat the week before the main workshop. It is important you are available for both the mixer and workshop so you can start the conversation.
The Workshop
Artists will be encouraged to act as a creative mentor to the scientist they are paired with, sharing their practice and experience and scientists will be encouraged to communicate their research in ways that are accessible and to think outside the box in terms of how their science could be represented. The challenge being to ‘distill` an idea or your conversation onto a A6 postcard.

Why join this workshop?

For artists this is an opportunity to:

  • creatively explore concepts of current scientific research
  • unearth and discuss some of the current complex questions of life being explored in science
  • share your creative practice and approaches with scientists and other artists
  • produce your own creative reactions to science through responsive image making (on a postcard)
  • explore the challenge of image making in response to current scientific research
  • be a creative mentor to your scientist partner
For scientists this is an opportunity to:

  • think creatively about the essence of your research and in a metaphorical and narrative sense
  • explore alternative ways to explain and share your research with non-scientists
  • get excited about your research
  • get non-science audiences excited and engaged with current scientific research
  • explore the challenge of making images (on a postcard) that reflect and/or capture aspects of your research
  • be challenged to explain your science in alternative and simplified ways

About Workshop Partners

InterSci is a student society at Edinburgh University whose aim is to encourage conversation and collaboration between scientists of different disciplines, and provide a platform for scientists to share their work with the public.
MidLothian Science Festival ran for the first time in 2012, running over 30 events, with over 100 volunteers, at over 17 locations and over 1000 people attended. In 2018, around 8000 people attended over 125 events in schools and community venues. They are committed to sharing science with communities in Midlothian.

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