An Audience in the Library

Presentations from Scientists and The Number Shop Studio Artists

On Monday 3rd February we held talks with The Number Shop Studio artists and scientists launching our new Engage project. Tucked away inside Summerhall’s winding corridors is the impressive Artiscience Library. This was the perfect setting for an evening of presentations.

Talks gave artists and scientists the opportunity to present their practice and research to one another in quick 3 minute intervals. Both artists and scientists presented some exciting areas of research. From Graphic design, printing making and textured sounds to factors that affect our eating behaviour and discovering more about our memories and forgetting. Presentations were then followed by a visit to The Number Shop Studios where finished work along with works in progress can be viewed by the public throughout the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Scientists and artists have now been paired up. Follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook and keep an eye on our website to see how the project evolves


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