A Simple Response to an Elemental Message

A publicly compiled Interstellar Radio Wave Transmission due to be transmitted from Earth on a one-way journey to our North Star in 2016. ASCUS Art & Science is delighted to Partner with artist and project coordinator Paul Quast to support A Simple Response to an Elemental Message. To visit the project website and make your contribution please click here.

“How will our present, collective environmental interactions shape the future?”

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Today, we are situated within a period theorised as “The Critical Decade”, a pivotal point within our
civilisations’ history in which present ecological decisions may inherently commit future generations
to adversity. Global decisions reached at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 in
Paris as well as made at home will collectively hold equal weight in sculpting this arrow of time for all
of Earth’s inhabitants regardless of species, location or adaptability. Never before has humankind
wielded this capacity to author the future of the Earth’s entire biosphere; our civilisation has truly
become a worldwide, geological agent whose capabilities can rival that of nature’s own sculpting

So how do you think we, as a species, will shape this future? ‘A Simple Response to an Elemental
Message’ invites individuals from anywhere on the planet to consider and freely contribute their
own unique [text-based] perspectives to the posed question; “How will our present, collective
environmental interactions shape the future?” In autumn 2016, material submitted in response to
this globally relevant question will be transmitted into deep space to commence its interstellar, lightspeed
journey; in effect, creating a culturally-inspired, ‘message in a bottle’ of global perspectives
encoded within light itself that will propagate out into space for eons.

By submitting text contributions from across the globe for this interstellar, poetic time capsule,
participants will be contributing to ongoing dialogue concerning how our civilisation collectively
perceives its’ role within shaping the future of the environment and establish a means by which we
may collectively analyse these perspectives for cross-cultural universals within this single, global
human community.

– Paul Quast, Artist & Project Coordinator.

Wish to know more about this initiative or participate in this transmission? Please visit the purposebuilt
project website to explore, interact, investigate the research and, if interested, contribute your
own unique perspective to this interstellar odyssey via; www.asimpleresponse.org

You can follow the progress of this interstellar odyssey on Facebook and Twitter via:

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