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Exxpedition: “Crew Update: Round Britain Day 16” 28 August 2017.
The Motley Coat: “We began as part of the body, 3D prints, 2017” 25 January 2017.

Bionic City: “Menagerie of Microbes” 13 April 2016.
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Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire: “Meet ASCUS Lab” 15 March 2016.
Beltane: “Beltane Twilight | Welcome to the ASCUS Lab!” 10 March 2016.
The List: “Bio and Beyond”
Edinburgh College of Art: “A closer look at… ASCUS Art & Science” 14 January 2016.

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EU:Sci Magazine: “Linking Science and Art” – a profile of ASCUS (The Art Collective) in Issue #3 (page 26).

For Press related enquires please send an email to: general@ascus.org.uk

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