Friday 20, July 2018

Model Organisms & Making Mutants

On Saturday 24th of March we are delighted to be joined again in ASCUS Lab by cardiovascular science PhD researchers Rebecca Wafer, Teodora Aldea and Emmanouil Solomonidis, who will share different aspects of their research at the The British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Edinburgh.

Model Organisms & Making Mutants
4pm-7pm, Sat 24th Mar 2018

Cardiovascular disease kills one person every three minutes in the UK, therefore research into its causes and future treatments is vital. Join us in ASCUS Lab for a hands-on workshop that explores what animal models are and how and why they are vital for scientific imaging and furthering heart health research. During this workshop you will also get to see and do genetic modification for yourself using one of the common methods employed in current science research. You will also get to do part of the process of DNA analysis and see the results as well as getting hands on with extracting some DNA for yourself! If DNA and the complex processes of molecular biology is something you’ve been wondering about or you’re just plain old curious then come along and join us in discovering what scientists really get up to behind the scenes in working research laboratories!

Note: tissue samples being used on the day will be from mice and zebrafish provided by cardiovascular scientists conducting scientific research into human health.

What will be covered:


Workshop Details

Saturday 24th March
(please arrive 10/15mins before the start time as we will begin promptly at the advertised time)
Adult + Family (12+ – Please note that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is also participating)
Recommended but not essential
(spaces are limited so do book to avoid disappointment)
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If for reasons outside your control you have registered and are no longer able to make it then please make sure to cancel your registration so that someone else can take your space.

About the researchers

Rebecca Wafer, Teodora Aldea and Emmanouil Solomonidis, are Ph.D candidates at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh.

Rebecca Wafer’s research focuses on the genetic regulation of fat and how different characteristics of fat influence disease risk.
Teodora Aldea’s research is focused on visceral or ‘bad’ fat, which surrounds internal organs and is closely linked to cardiovascular disease.
Emmanouil Solomonidis’s research is looking at mechanisms of blood vessel formation following a heart attack and whether these can help develop future heart regeneration therapies.

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