Tuesday 23, May 2017

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At the moment ASCUS does not have volunteer positions available. However, please do sign up to our Volunteer mailing list if you would like to keep informed of volunteer opportunities that might arise in the future.

Thank you,
The ASCUS Team

At ASCUS we are currently seeking volunteers with a background in bioscience to support the delivery of our Lab Open Sessions for artists, scientists and members of the general public interested in accessing our lab facility. These Open Sessions will run two days per week from February to April 2017 on Thursdays (4pm-10pm) and Saturdays (10am-4pm). Please see more details below on how to apply to volunteer with us.

Volunteering with ASCUS Lab is an opportunity for individuals to get experience engaging with non-science individuals in a lab context with the chance to contribute to the delivery of ASCUS’s Lab Open Sessions and provide support for ASCUS Lab’s growing community. If you are interested in getting involved with ASCUS then please fill in and submit your form to: lab@ascus.org.uk
Click to download: ASCUS_Lab_Volunteers_form.doc

Why Volunteer with ASCUS Lab

  • To contribute to the advocacy of art-science collaboration in a challenging, varied, and rewarding environment
  • To support with the delivery of publicly accessible Lab Sessions, getting first hand experience of art-science public engagement activities
  • To improve understanding of development, delivery and maintenance involved in providing public access for artists, scientists and members of the public to a lab environment
  • To meet other like-minded individuals interested in art-science intersections and open new doors for future opportunities
  • To get valuable hands on experience and gain skills that will help understand how you devise and develop your public engagement/science communication ideas in the future

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Do you have an Art-Science idea?

ASCUS is not a funding organisation, but if you have an idea for an art-science project or event we want to hear from you. ASCUS regularly partners with individuals, organisations and institutions to support and develop new initiatives. We are looking for innovative and experimental proposals in the artiscience field that strengthen connections between art and science. We can help by supporting funding applications, promoting the proposal to an established ASCUS art-science community, providing advice and connecting you to relevant expertise.

Please do email us at general@ascus.org.uk if you have an art-science project that you would like to speak to us about

Types of initiatives we support:

  • Residencies
  • Exhibitions
  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Fieldtrips