Thank you for your interest in the future of ASCUS Art & Science. We are a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to providing innovative opportunities and spaces to grow the art-science community in Scotland. We are a publicly funded organisation and in addition to this we rely heavily on your donations to support our efforts.

Any donations we receive will:

  • Help run workshops, training, and public events that change the way we think about art and science.
  • Support the development of programming that creates new ways to engage with art and scientific research.
  • Provide emerging artists with residencies, experiences, and time to develop their practice.
  • Work to increase interest in art and science education for members of the public.

How to Help

To make a donation directly to ASCUS contact us at for our account details.
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As an interdisciplinary organisation ASCUS has a proud history working with partners and sponsors on an extensive portfolio of projects. For more information about sponsorship packages we can offer and to become an ASCUS Sponsor please contact Managing Director James Howie

We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease your contact details to third parties. Donations processed through Paypal are subject to its privacy policy for more information please find it here.

ASCUS Lab Donation Wish List

Since October 2015, with the support of the Wellcome Trust, we have embarked on our most ambitious project to date: ASCUS Lab. Over the course of the devlopment of this project we have recieved generous donations from both individual researchers at the University of Edinburgh and through our partnerships with Warp It and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department of the University of Edinburgh. It is often that acadmeic lab research facilities get upgraded or move location, and through this process certain lab equipment and consumables may no longer be requried. If this is the case, then ASCUS Lab can provide them with a new home, equipment and consumables that may no longer be of use for your lab could help us run new and exciting public engagement projects and initiaives for public audiences.

Check out our wish list below for items we are still looking for and do not hesitate to contact us if you have equimpent and/or lab consumables you think we might be able to use at

Here are some of the things we’re looking for:

Lab Equipment

  •  Small lockers for keeping jackets & personal items
  • Spatulas / scoops
  • Lab balance / scale (digital is preferred… but we will consider others)
  • Large 1000uL Tip boxes
  • Electrophoresis horizontal gel tank(s) – for agarose gels
  • Power supply for electrophoresis
  • Incubator (or drying cupboard to turn into incubator)
  • Tool box with general tools (hammer, screw drivers, etc.)
  • Hex Keys (Allen keys/wrenches)
  • Blue caps for glass culture medium bottles
  • Used digital SLR camera or used microscope camera
  • Small bench top autoclave or very large pressure cooker


  • Glass pipette washing system
  • Stopcocks / Spouts for water reserve tanks
  • Micropipetters – all sizes
  • Beakers (250, 500, 1000mL)
  • Test tube racks
  • Small lab refrigerator
  • Small office refrigerator – for food
  • Rubber stoppers for bottles – assorted sizes
  • Shaker to fit in incubator
  • Alcohol thermometers
  • Graduated cylinders
  • Organic chemistry glassware
  • Glass burettes (burets)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • BNC cables
  • Solder Pump / vacuum (De-solder Remover)
  • Water Purifier

Lab Consumables

  •  Pipette tips for Micropipetters
  • Disposable Pipettes – 5 & 10mL volume (we already have lots of 1mL volume ones, thanks)
  • Lab notebooks
  • Chemical/Liquid Spill Absorbent granules


  •  15mL and 50mL conical tubes – plastic
  • Rubbing Alcohol (isopropanol)
  • Solder
  • BenchKote