Monday 24, April 2017

Atopic Art Micro-Residency

Our Atopic Art Micro-Residency is a partnership project between ASCUS Art & Science, Professor Sara Brown (University of Dundee), to run a residency and art commission with two artists to produce new work that encompasses the themes around ‘the science of eczema’ and ‘living with eczema’. In January 2017 artists Beverley Hood and Gordon Douglas took up their place as ‘Artists in Residence’ at Professor Sara Brown’s genetic research laboratory at the University of Dundee, to learn more about the condition of eczema, exposing them to cutting edge research being conducted to gain understanding of the causes of this medical condition and potential ways to treat it.

The artists are spending one to two days pr week over Jan to April to gain in-depth insight into eczema on a genetic and molecular level by working directly with Dr Brown and her research team, observing her laboratory-based research and spending time in her clinics. Both artists will be joining us in ASCUS Lab for the Edinburgh International Science Festival to run interactive and hands-on workshops for public audiences. The micro-residency will also culminate in an inaugral exhibition at LifeSpace art Science Research Gallery at the College of Life Sciences in Dundee later this year.

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See below for insights as we publish project updates over the course of the micro-residency, revealing the different approaches the artists employ as they spend time with Brown lab scientists over the coming months…

Atopic Art Micro-Residency | Art, Science and Introductions…

Our Atopic Art Micro-Residency started out with introductions and conversations on the train as we travelled northwards across the Firth of Forth with artists Beverley Hood and Gordon Douglas for the beginning of this new residency at Professor Sara Brown’s skin genetic research laboratory, at the University of Dundee. We navigated our way across Dundee City finally reaching our destination ... Read More »

Atopic Art Micro-Residency Artists announced

We are delighted to announce that Beverley Hood and Gordon Douglas have been appointed for our new Atopic Art Micro-Residency and commission project with Prof Sara Brown. We very much look forward to working with them both over the course of the project. You can read more about both artists here Beverley Hood Gordon Douglas Read More »